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Ernest P. Moyer

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The Urantia Papers were revealed in Chicago, Illinois in 1934 and 1935.

The Papers are a divine revelation. They appeared miraculously. They did not come through the mind of any human mortal. They were placed in the custody of Dr. William S. Sadler, a noted Chicago physician and psychiatrist. The following is an account of the circumstances and factors which led to their revelation, and of the jeopardy which faced them before they were published to the world.


The revelation of The Urantia Papers involved three major phases: Dr. William S. Sadler was converted to the possibility of divine beings working directly with human mortals. This phase involved the use of another human mortal to adapt Sadler to this possibility. The method employed was to entice Sadler to investigate the man’s unusual sleep disorder.

Sadler referred to that other human mortal as a “Sleeping Subject.” He became a “subject” of Sadler’s psychiatric investigations. A group of people were gathered together who became emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually attached to the Revelation. Those persons were used by divine agencies to insure the physical survival of the Revelation as it was introduced to the world. They were also used to provide a foundation for historic verification of the events associated with the Revelation.

Sadler named this group “The Forum.” The actual Revelation by invisible divine agents was accomplished by placing the writing miraculously on paper in groups, or sets. The form was in handwriting which was then physically transcribed by Emma Christensen (Christy), a trained secretary and member of Sadler’s family, into typewritten form. After proofreading for accuracy the original papers disappeared equally miraculously. (Sadler was unable to identify the handwriting as that of the Sleeping Subject, with any member of his family, or with any member of the Forum.)

A Note to the Reader

In this book I make repeated references to Martin Gardner, and his book, Urantia, The Great Cult Mystery, Prometheus Books, Amherst, New York, 1995. Gardner wrote his book as an attempt to show that the Urantia Papers had purely human origin. Unfortunately, he was deeply biased. Gardner had a world-wide reputation, based on his work as the author of a mathematics puzzle column in Scientific American for several decades. He also wrote several books, including his religious treatise, The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener, Quill, New York, 1983. Based on this wide reputation many people came to regard Gardner as a studious expert on religion as well as mathematics. I exchanged more than forty letters with Gardner during his creative phase of Urantia, and visited with him in his home. My effort was based on the premise that the more facts Gardner knew, the more objective report he could offer.

I was terribly wrong. Gardner’s purpose was not to write an objective report, but to debunk a work he regarded as a fraud. He censored important information to sustain his thesis, and failed to properly do the homework for which he is unjustly famous.

My purpose here is not to refute Gardner’s sloppy work. I refer to his book because he was the first man to write a serious treatise on the origins of the Urantia Revelation, regardless how his work was flawed. As part of my effort on the account of the origins of the Papers I felt it necessary to show how he failed to demonstrate his thesis.

Ernest P. Moyer Hanover, PA,

January, 2000





One The Origin of the Urantia Papers 1
Two The Urantia Papers 15
Three Names in the Urantia Papers 31
Four Celestial Agencies 41
Five The Human Agent 47
Six Sadler’s Disillusionment 57
Seven The Maturing of Sadler 64
Eight Sadler on Spiritualism 82
Nine Sadler Meets the Sleeping Subject 99
Ten A History 114
Eleven Criticisms of the Urantia Book 135
Twelve The Character of the Human Agent 160
Thirteen The Strange Myth of Wilfred Custer Kellogg 177
Fourteen My Search for the Sleeping Subject 190
Fifteen The Urantia Papers on Origins 201
Sixteen Sprunger on Origins 212
Seventeen A Loose Chicago Detective 221
Eighteen Pipeline to God 232
Nineteen The Sherman Rebellion 267
Twenty Bedell’s Response 283
Twenty One The Baumgartner Letter 302
Twenty Two Moyer Letter to Gardner 308
Twenty Three Sadler’s Grave Error 328
Twenty Four Destiny Turns 348
Twenty Five How the Devil Got Into 533 360
Twenty Six The Carolyn Kendall Document 370
Twenty Seven The 1945 Message 406
Twenty Eight Known Alterations to the Text 420
Twenty Nine Text Removed from the Revelation 428
Thirty The Benjamin Adams Letter 441
Thirty One Other Corruptions 453
Thirty Two Catalogue of Errors 464
  Postscript 479




Appendix A Sadler’s Published Articles and Books 480
Appendix B

Seventh Day Adventist Church References to William and Lena Sadler

Appendix C William Sadler Contributions to SDA Publications 488
Appendix  D Sadler Letters to the Whites, 1901 to 1912 492
Appendix E  Part I  The Matthew Block Discoveries - Part I 510
Appendix E  Part II The Matthew Block Discoveries - Part II 533
Appendix E Part III

Matthew Block’s Discoveries in His Own Words

Appendix  E  Part IV Limitations on Sources 561
Appendix  F Another Account 569
  Acknowledgments 575
  Photographs 578
  Index 583

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