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  “…and women long ago ceased to fight, though they have always fed and nursed the soldiers and urged them on to battle (785).”
  If woman aspires literally to enjoy all of man’s rights, then sooner or later, pitiless and emotionless competition will certainly replace that chivalry and special consideration which many women now enjoy, and which they have so recently won from men (938).”
  “Among industrialized races she has received almost all rights and enjoys exemption from many obligations, such as military service (937).”
  “Women cannot thrive on man’s rights any more than man can prosper on woman’s rights (938).”
  “The sex division of labor also made for comfort and increased happiness (932).”
  “Among the more advanced races, women are not so large or so strong as men. Woman, being the weaker, therefore become more tactful; early she learned to trade upon her sex charms. She became more alert and conservative than man, though slightly less profound. Man was woman’s superior on the battlefield and in the hunt; but at home woman usually outgeneraled even the most primitive of men (934).”
  “The first refinement of war was the taking of prisoners. Next, women were exempted from hostilities, and then came the recognition of noncombatants (785).”
  “In the mind’s eye conjure up a picture of one of your primitive ancestors of cave-dwelling times-a short, misshapen, filthy, snarling, hulk of a man, standing legs spread, club upraised, breathing hate and animosity as he looks fiercely just ahead. Such a picture hardly depicts the divine dignity of man. But allow us to enlarge the picture. In front of this animated human crouches a saber-toothed tiger. Behind him, a woman and two children. Immediately you recognize that such a picture stands for the beginnings of much that is fine and noble in the human race, but the man is the same in both pictures  (1098).”
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