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The New Call



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Third Edition

First published in 1996


RMB 817

Nannup, WA 6275







This book throws light upon key issues that are relevant today during the dawn of the Aquarian age. It presents vital information regarding the great transition that our planet is about to take and reveals how humanity may best benefit from the forthcoming unprecedented occasion.


The New Call reveals essential truths of these very special times on Earth. These truths are the property of no one person, organisation or decree; they belong to humanity and they will affect all humanity. Please, therefore, share this information with anyone whom you deem may benefit from its expositions.


It is our wish that the truth of these last years of a world cycle be known by all people everywhere, so that each and every person in the world may make an informed choice with regard to the unparalleled evolutionary opportunity which is today available to all mankind.





Causes and Effects - the Birth of a New World

Judgement Day (The Harvest Time)

The Urgent Need for Preparation and Purification

The New and the Old

Inner Transformation - Personal and Planetary

The New World Consciousness

The Growing Need for Networking

The Rise of Co-operative Communities

The New Race

A New Way

The Sinister Side of the New Age

The Liberating Path of Service

Keys to Awakening

The Most Important Message

The Call to Action

The Final Liberation

Maxims for the Aquarian Age




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