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Unity Consciousness


THE AQUARIAN AGE BRINGS WITH IT NEW AND ADJUSTED LAWS for the advanced spiritual progress of mankind, and these laws will do more than meet the requirements of today's expanding world consciousness. As the whole planet moves onto its next and highest turn of the evolutionary spiral, humanity is being exhorted by the new laws and by the divine Agents who implement them, to realise unity and true spiritual fellowship: a new and beautiful way of being. Such an ideal is not only possible in this concluding period of the Piscean era, but is also a prerequisite for the redemption and healing of both the Earth and mankind.


Success and survival into the New Age is a question of us, not I. All man-made policies, systems and businesses that have been built upon or which continue to be motivated by selfish values are today degenerating from within, and this process is destined to culminate in their complete demise. This is due to the fact that, in accord with the birth of the New World, all energies that have in past been successfully drawn upon by individuals or groups harbouring selfish motives are now being irreversibly withdrawn. Those who continue to live for self or who seek to make a living by working for organisations that exist solely to make personal profits, will experience growing tension, confusion and conflict in their lives as they become progressively devitalised and debilitated, and this will ultimately lead to mental, emotional and even physical illness. Conversely, the incoming energies of regeneration that constitute the new etheric blueprint for the construction of the New World may only be evoked by selfless, co-operative attitudes and activities. Such is one of the new laws of the Aquarian age.


In order that the new world paradigm of a united awareness may become a reality, it is necessary that ideas originating from the higher planes make an impact upon the consciousness of man, for the collective mind of humankind is the most important instrument through which the Divine Plan can manifest itself upon Earth. Consequently, mankind is being called to awaken in order that it may partake in the creation of the New World, and thus move forward spiritually as a race. Yet the immediate spiritual opportunity presented to humanity today is also perhaps its most difficult challenge, for success is greatly impeded by the seemingly impenetrable psycho-emotional smog that envelopes the planet, and which must be dissipated before new light may illuminate mankind's consciousness. The seed of this noxious thought-cloud was spawned eons ago by evil minds of extraterrestrial origin for their own premeditated and sinister purposes, and has been subsequently and continually fed by the negativity resulting from mankind's own blindness and ignorance; a blindness imposed by the long-controlling forces of materialism, and an ignorance bred into almost every child from birth and throughout their education in society during innumerable generations of mental and emotional constriction perpetrated by parents and teachers who themselves knew no better. The unhealthy global psychic atmosphere today is responsible worldwide for excessive disease and unnaturally short life-spans as it greatly hinders the well-being and natural evolution of all life that struggles within its oppressive influence.


The human race has proven itself to be incapable of self-rescue. Mankind, by itself, could never penetrate the world thought-cloud, and is today actually on a direct course to becoming entirely suffocated and destroyed by it. In reviewing esoteric history, we discover that past civilisations elsewhere in the cosmos managed to completely annihilate themselves together with their whole globe, and this was due to the inevitable outcome that ensues when a planet becomes entirely saturated with negative thought-currents. Rest assured, however, Mother Earth is not going to implode and disintegrate just yet! Humanity has clearly demonstrated its urgent need for help if the planet is to be salvaged, and that help is presently being given, for our world is a vital organ in the solar body* as well as a nexus of knowledge and information, and is therefore far too important to many other forms of life throughout our galaxy for its destruction to be allowed to occur. Aided, driven and sustained by irresistible divine forces that will appropriately eradicate all outmoded and stifling world standards in order to prepare the planet for its rebirth, interstellar Servers are presently intervening in humanity's ruinous course, for the Earth must be redeemed and healed before the New World can be born.


* Planet Earth is the vishudda chakra (throat centre) of the Deity (Logos) that is our solar system. When the Servers accomplish their collective task of 'clearing the throat' of the solar Logos, It's song shall once again, as in ancient times, harmonise with the celestial chorus of the Cosmos.


*  *  *


As has already been mentioned, an influx of incarnating Servers has been and is still growing today upon Earth in order to help prepare for the future, and to exemplify a new way of living. Unity consciousness is the new clarion keynote being sounded throughout the world by these emissaries, for they clearly recognise that selfless collaboration is vitally needed in order to liberate planet Earth, which is still presently permeated by a separative consciousness. They are well aware that only the potency of synergetic union as a collective force for Good upon Earth can dispel the accumulated darkness of ages past, overcome global fear, negativity and disease, and thus manifest the present world objective.


Servers are here today to deftly reveal to humanity that the only way to reverse its suicidal course toward disaster is by using Law against law, the Higher forces against the lower, effectively transmuting all that is obsolete and undesirable into that which is new and vital. This is accomplished by sowing contemporarily-relevant understanding where there is ignorance, by showing compassion where there is blame, in returning charity for greed and by giving love in exchange for enmity. It is by actually living in unity consciousness (i.e., with due awareness of and consideration for the collective whole) that Servers introduce a higher vibrational pattern within the Earth's auric field, and the new frequencies of spiritual light evoked by their positive activity today are contributing significantly toward the redemption of our planet and all life thereon. This they are qualified to do because all Servers have, prior to their individualisation in Earthly incarnation, epitomised unity consciousness and, therefore, selfless service by their natural way of being; such is their attained level of evolution. For them, communal rapport and harmony is a customary life-configuration and has been so for a very long time. Thus so, they are adept at exemplifying group solidarity, and will again in this, their present incarnation upon Earth, demonstrate that co-operation, unity and love are among the greatest contributive factors for raising the planetary consciousness and thus effecting world healing.


In recent times, Servers have mainly incarnated as illumined individuals, and from this vantage point they have sought to help humanity in making further advances in its development, be it socially, politically, scientifically, spiritually, etc. Although to all appearances such pioneers may have seemed to be alone, as Servers they emanated from spheres of united souls, yet chose to incarnate individually in order to meet the requirements of and to better fit in with the consciousness of the period. Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla are just some among a great host of Servers who have, over the centuries, incarnated specifically to assist in humanity's progress. Presently, however, in line with current needs and the general level of mankind's consciousness, large groups of exceptionally evolved Servers have incarnated into physical bodies having, prior to birth, temporarily relinquished many of their higher faculties and exalted consciousness in order that they may demonstrate to humanity interdependent and complementary group alliance. Their individual limitations in physical embodiment ensure that Servers will be drawn to work together in groups so that success in their collective mission may be known. Servers need one another, and at the time of their destined reunification upon Earth, they will manifest and exemplify unity consciousness: the New Way of conscious spiritual advancement for mankind in the Aquarian age.


There are other important motivations behind the Servers' sacrifice upon their current terrestrial assignment. Firstly, were they to reveal their full spiritual status to the world at this time, displaying their most elevated level of consciousness and exhibiting their unusual abilities, certain risks would be involved, for they would be in danger of living as an object of adulation by those amongst humanity who might be disposed to confer great praise upon them. For a Server to establish such a saintly reputation upon Earth, even unwittingly, would go against the specific design of the Divine Plan for this period, and would be most detrimental to its longer-term success. Exactly as all genuine spiritual teachers and leaders have done in the past, Servers have come to show the way by example. They do not wish to be worshipped, for to be thus idolised would be inappropriate for those who seek to inspire others to realise their own innate divinity, and to subsequently co-operate voluntarily with the divine Will for the planet*.


* Servers know that the period in which looking to and following gurus or individual spiritual leaders for guidance is now past, and that the greater intelligence that will precipitate in the Aquarian age will decree that unity consciousness be realised as a prerequisite for spiritual progress to be made in the New World.


Secondly, it is in sharing and experiencing the conditions of mankind that empathy and compassion for the present human predicament is awakened. Servers come to Earth in order to demonstrate a vital and contemporary pattern for mankind; what all men and women must do, Servers must also do. Servers have incarnated as harbingers to exemplify the process of transformation which all who will enter the New World must undergo. A person cannot truly teach that which they do not demonstrate in their own life. By themselves undergoing the necessary process of post-natal forgetfulness, seeking, personal purification, spiritual discovery, remembrance and initiation into the New World Consciousness (which is unity consciousness), and by thus exemplifying the Way, Servers construct a path from the old to the New, preparing and making easier the road for those who choose to follow. They act as a bridge between the spiritual worlds and the world of material form, and they create a very wide bridge indeed when they unite and work as one in their particular soul group. This they do in order to inspire others to take advantage of the greatest opportunity ever known in human history upon Earth, and to thereby help mankind to convert current world potential into a splendid reality.


*  *  *


In conformity with the nature of their voluntary service, today's Servers undergo an intricate method of incarnation which differs significantly from that of ordinary individual souls. Once the necessary calculations have been made in accord with the overall design of the Divine Plan, families of souls - or group-souls - decide when and where on Earth to take their incarnation, and they begin their descent toward the denser spheres of our planet, maintaining for the present time group cohesiveness. The division of a group-soul ensues partly at the time of physical conception and progresses during the maturation of the foetus and following birth as the child matures. Thereafter, throughout a variable time period of terrestrial life and as the planetary deadline approaches, the group-soul continually projects more of itself down into each individual manifestation as its various personalities develop their physical, emotional and mental faculties. This process could be compared to a gas burner with numerous jets. As the gas is slowly turned up, the light of each seemingly individual flame becomes brighter, yet all the flames have a common source. If, in the mind's eye, the gas burner is inverted so that the source (symbolising the higher planes) is above the flames (representing the lower spheres including the physical plane), a simplistic but accurate image of this rather abstruse procedure of group-soul incarnation may be acquired.


It may be seen, then, that the consciousness of the real Server is a great deal more expansive than that which he is able to demonstrate as an individual in the waking state on the physical plane (and even in his spiritually awakened state). Only a very small part of the Server's full expression can ever be reproduced in the comparatively coarse physical matter of the human body, the physical brain and nervous system being able to manifest but a fraction of the far greater entity - the group-soul - which is chiefly resident in its own world, and the Server's personality is but an outpost for a far greater intelligence. In truth, Servers taking physical incarnation have never really left home, but have only sent tiny fragments of themselves down through the denser vehicles of expression that exist in the lower worlds: mental, emotional and physical. Servers have taken embodiment upon Earth in order to render their service upon all of these lower planes, although to the limited third-density consciousness of the ordinary person it will appear that only the physical plane is influenced. However, this is only a part of the Servers' total service, as any good clairvoyant will testify.


The temporarily-separated lives (or fragmented representatives of the group-soul) attempt to take incarnation within a reasonably short time of others that have been assigned to the same group task in order that, as individual personalities, they may ultimately reunite upon the physical plane to work together toward certain group ends*. These committed groups of Servers incarnate life after life and pass through similar preparatory experiences in readiness for the final consummation of their extended collective work. Bonds of kinship forged between group-souls (incarnating as multiple personalities) over many lifetimes may thus become knit so strongly that they will be incapable of misunderstanding or mistrusting one another when the trials of the greater work which they are destined to do come upon them in the future. The one important fact that the reunited individuals are devoted in service to the Divine Plan overpowers all other considerations, and the group is thus magnetised together in order that it may perform that service upon Earth as one focussed and united body.


* There are various permutations of this manner and order of group-soul incarnation that span the millennia and may encompass many different planets and densities as integral parts of the overall group task. However, the method here described represents a general trend, and one that is particularly applicable during this present and culminating phase of the Servers' collective mission upon Earth.


The reunification upon the physical plane of the personalities belonging to the group-soul facilitates the restoration of a united consciousness that is so complete and so perfect that individuals do not see one another simply as close friends, or even as spiritual brothers and sisters, but as aspects of one multifaceted entity, one service-mind. Due to their collective alignment with the Law of Love and intelligent Purpose, each individual Server consciously co-operates with all the others in the group for the benefit of the world. Living in and for Truth and righteousness, all members abide in absolute openness, unconditioned by the usual Earthly environment of fear, distrust and self-absorption, and they express themselves from a place of unhindered spiritual contact, which naturally impels their dedication to the group good as well as humanity's spiritual progress. Such group at-one-ment (wherein lies the secret of telepathy) creates a strong and stable platform from which each person or group within the community can serve at their own preferred level and expression, thus retaining their individuality while simultaneously able to tap the collective wellspring of love, knowledge and spiritual vitality that supports and strengthens each member in their chosen line of service.


*  *  *


As Servers join together once again in what is for them a familiar spirit of united purpose, they naturally begin to invoke powerful forces for the blessing of the world, and so demonstrate something of the great spiritual potential that is available today to all unified groups that choose to serve the Divine Plan. Awakened Servers, when in focussed group formation, have the ability to channel the prayers of mankind through the group heart and up toward divine spheres. The invocational potency of light and grace working under the directives of a group consciousness is enormously greater than that which may be known individually. Two thousand years ago, Christ, through Jesus, expounded this vital esoteric principle, which is especially pertinent in the Aquarian age. He averred that: "When two or more people come together in my name, I shall be there with them." This symbolic phrase refers to the Law of Synergy, which may be evoked when two or more people unite for the collective good, or in my name, i.e., in the name of Christ, or divine Love. This law, in being implemented by dedicated groups, will ultimately be responsible for attracting to Earth certain holy forces that will, in turn, precipitate Christ-Consciousness in some, while simultaneously attracting the attention and co-operation of certain exalted incorporeal beings who themselves naturally express the Christed frequency (which is a united field of awareness), hence I shall be there with them. This now impending grand evocation of Divinity upon Earth has come to be known by Christians as "The Coming Again of Christ", and awakened Servers may contribute toward its unfoldment naturally and with ease due to their unselfish attitudes and close association with the multifarious spiritual Hierarchies who reside and work from within the hidden worlds and who are assisting with the planetary transformations.


The advantages of a united or group consciousness working as one unit for the receipt and transmission of divine forces are legion and extremely powerful. The principle of synergy, which is only applicable in group work, shall contribute toward rapid global awakening like never before upon Earth, as the process of radiating the Christ-Consciousness unfolds worldwide. Once mankind observes the far-reaching significance of selfless co-operation and divine fellowship, the advantages of utilising the complementary virtues of individual group members for the greater whole will be actualised all over the world, and consequently a brighter, more expansive light of a new and harmonious way of living will dawn within the minds and hearts of humanity. It is at this time that the secret of the Law of Synthesis will be restored within humanity's consciousness (having been mercifully withdrawn in Atlantean times), and only then will the world's problems be resolved as the natural planetary rhythm is stabilised and elevated to a new order. Such is the magnitude and import of the task belonging to present-day Servers who will exemplify the new spiritual standards for the Aquarian age and so lay the foundations for the next step to be taken by mankind.


*  *  *


Particularly in light of the present unbalanced world condition, it should not be expected that the release of tremendous divine force upon the planet in the near future will fail to have its corresponding tumultuous side effects. The coming upheavals will greatly affect all societies worldwide, and as the old methods of livelihood decline toward eventual collapse during the approaching years, those with foresight will pull together in order to support one another throughout the transition period. Their clear vision of the future will reveal to them that a gradual and calculated renunciation of everything of the old will prepare them in stages for the necessary, final and complete abandonment of past social and political systems in exchange for that which is new and better.


Many and diverse groups are presently working to facilitate the entry of very new ideals and aims into the consciousness of the human race. The great efforts underway are perfectly in accord with human potential, and the final goal is assured of success. As the vital energies of the new cycle are streaming into the Earth's energy grid, extraordinary opportunities for group accomplishment are being created. Genuine selfless collaboration evokes help from the hidden side of life, and the work that various groups around the world are today effecting is hastening the all important process of raising the planetary vibration, while simultaneously helping to alleviate the inevitable distress and disorder that will ensue as the global transformations proceed. Nothing in the world can resist the cumulative enthusiasm of a number of sincere and dedicated people working together in an organised group for a common and selfless cause, for such truly spiritual activity is one with the Universal Activity. Some groups are today realising that there are sure esoteric methods whereby they can manifest anything they need for the collective good. Unity consciousness is the key, and when groups of committed people can love enough they are able to draw energy from the higher worlds which can manifest eventually upon the physical plane in whatever form is required to further their work.


Motivations based upon a shared and true vision of future world-unification are impelling Servers today to unite as members of the New Societal Fellowships. They are becoming inspired to move toward wholehearted co-operation with all those incarnated souls who comprehend something of the Divine Plan, and who are ready to dedicate their lives and all their resources to the One Great Work upon Earth. A growing proportion of mankind is now taking the necessary steps forward to improve the present world condition by expanding its vision to embrace the greater whole. The objective of the Divine Plan for Earth is, therefore, being currently expedited as humanity itself comes to appreciate the situation with which it is immediately faced.


Servers offer others the chance to rise up like a phoenix from the ashes of past ignorance and to join together in active co-operation and preparation for what lies ahead, yet awakened Servers will never impose upon the free will of others. They undertake only to inspire and encourage humanity to make an intelligent choice to unite for world service by recognising the demands of the hour and by achieving alignment with the new and adjusted laws of the Aquarian age through the active application of love and wisdom in daily life. Assisting Servers in their duties and giving to them in charity for the One Divine Work of sublimating the planetary consciousness will result in the generation of beneficent karmic merit; serving with them will avail the altruist of the greatest spiritual opportunity offered upon Earth today. Those members of the race who are uniting with Servers at this time are already aligning themselves with the present unique spiritual opportunity. Those who do not take advantage of such benefits may still learn at a later time, although stragglers may find themselves painfully forced into the only sane option in these times once the great storm begins to rage.


Important considerations must be made, however, when preparing for genuine, spiritual group work. It should be remembered that since everything in the universe is interconnected, each thought, feeling and activity evokes a response from the subtle energies of the various planes. Each member - depending upon their own auric condition and in affecting the whole - either hinders or aids the group. A chain is as strong as its weakest link, and the united auras of group members ever determine the group's limitation or success. Hence emerges various issues. Among them: each individual's responsibility to the group, one's attitudes and motivations, and most importantly the informed and, therefore, intelligent dedication of every member of the working unit to serving the Divine Plan for planet Earth.


Mental and emotional handicaps such as fear, pride, selfishness, etc., even if maintained upon subconscious levels, will hold the group vibration down, reduce the group's radiatory field and attract like energies to the intended work, thus restricting the potential of the group's positive spiritual effect. Mixed motivations yield variables that may easily prevent a positive synergy. If members are thinking of themselves in any way; if they possess personal vanity, such as might show itself in the desire to shine or to take a prominent part in the proceedings; if they have any selfish motivations for joining the group, however subtle, or if they have not wholly and selflessly consecrated themselves to the Work of Christ, then they constitute a weak link. Such individuals must grasp the fact that they join, not to receive, but to give; not to be interested and amused, but to take their share in a great Work for the good of the planetary life. A genuine love of that life and of humanity is the one credential that will qualify affiliation within the ranks of Servers, nothing less.


Earnest and benevolent collaboration is today establishing a new and much needed spiritual foundation in the world - a living model of true fellowship - that will encourage humanity in the Aquarian age to tread the path together, helping one another toward the realisation of a life of balance, rapport and unity. The life-pattern and expression of communities in the new era may be analogously compared to healthy brain cells working symbiotically as one greater and singularly-focussed creative mind. Such communities will exemplify that union is harmony and strength, and that well-regulated and simultaneous efforts always produce wonders. This has been the secret of all successful associations, communities and civilisations throughout history. The astonishing accomplishments achieved by ant and bee colonies may be regarded as an example of the very real possibilities that may be actualised by a one-pointed group mind. The question may arise, however: can we, or should we, really model our lives upon the crude examples given by insects!? Well, why not? "As above, so below", and, therefore, as below, so above! Ants and bees have been exemplifying a vital universal principle to mankind for millions of years, ever since the planetary Hierarchy first arrived upon Earth. Together with wheat, ants and bees were introduced to our world by these spiritual luminaries, and it may be prudent to consider that such enlightened beings would certainly act for definite reasons. Today it is time to take heed of those examples that were left for mankind ages ago.


An important part of the Servers' function on Earth at this time - the instigation and spread of unity consciousness - will be accomplished through the establishment of the New Societal Fellowships, and it is through them that a congenial environment for the advent of the New World Consciousness will be fostered. Such colonies will reflect the structure and collective functional mode of all the great spiritual Hierarchies that exist throughout the universe, and they will contain the seeds for the future efflorescence of living super-social entities that are destined to flourish upon Earth subsequent to the birth of the New World. These spiritual societies will enable the sustained physical incarnation of members of the local planetary Hierarchy in the future, and so help to perpetuate true spiritual fellowship upon Earth. Unity consciousness may be rightfully seen, therefore, as an integral part of an ineffably vast and magnificent blueprint conceived within the Universal Mind long ago. This Plan is now beginning to be appreciated by mankind again, just as it has been successfully by various old and even ancient civilisations of the past, only at the close of the present major cycle the whole world will join together in the sweetest hymn ever sung upon Earth: a divine anthem of international co-operation, global goodwill and united spiritual purpose.


*  *  *


When each Server, through individual experience, has learned and synthesised the lessons assigned to their own personal mission, they will be ready to effect their specialised facet of service in unison with the group work. Such individual contributions are integral constituents of the One World Service, and also of the much larger overall Cosmic Task that ultimately employs countless legions of Servers within the various great Confederations of Helpers in service to the Divine Plan throughout the universe. The work of Servers upon Earth, then, may be regarded in its truest perspective as just a tiny holographic aspect of a vast intergalactic operation of universal government, which necessarily functions under the auspices of a united awareness.


The long-awaited moment of humanity's collective initiation into spiritual adulthood is nigh, and many human beings will soon become consciously aware of interstellar familial affiliations that predate the most ancient scriptures upon Earth today. In instigating a vital process of light-energy invocation for the world, selfless group alliance will serve to bridge the existing gulf between mankind and these civilisations, which constitute the greater part of its cosmic family. For the very first time since the original 'creator-gods' walked amongst men on Earth eons ago, the human race will know and claim its heritage as worthy members of a trans-galactic society spanning a multitude of worlds and densities throughout Infinity. This momentous reunification of long-separated celestial families will help bring about the initiation of Mother Gaia herself - anticipated for millions of years - as she fulfils a major part of her own spiritual destiny and becomes again universally recognised as the jewel of the solar system; one very small but nevertheless important globe amongst a vast network of stellar systems extending in all directions, pervading the Cosmos, and which have been actively functioning as intelligent, living satellites of the divine Will for long ages.


Humanity's destiny is already inscribed within the ancient pages of the Divine Plan, and thus it is known that all those servants of the race who are today working toward establishing a united awareness upon Earth will demonstrate how to live consciously as one creative intelligence, coalescing in accord with the universal Law of Unity. As precursors of the New World Consciousness, awakened Servers thus personify the forthcoming Divinity in manifestation upon Earth. Illuminating a clear path by venturing dauntlessly ahead, bearing the revealing light of unity consciousness like a polestar offering sure guidance forward, Servers blaze a safe passage through the shadowy realms of confusion and erroneous thinking, and so lead the way confidently in group formation from past selfishness, separation and misery into the liberating resplendence of the Golden Age of Aquarius.




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